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    I was an big fan of the original c&c but I found generals lacking somthing.

    When I saw this I couldnt belive it im hopeing they keep it more like the orginal and less like generals.
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    Well, GDI vs Nod is a good start

    I can't wait for this to come out.

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    Some of the screan shots found their way on to the internet

    They had been scaned from a future pcgamer

    They have all been taken off now but they looked amazing

  4. Part 3 has received ok reviews. some people like it, some people dont like it. I personally have been thinking about buying it, but just dont know right now. I'll probably wait until the prices come down a lot, then pick it up on discount.

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    I like all C&C game series.But Red Alert 3 is very disappointing but Red Alert 3 uprising is good.I like TIBERIUM WARS than red alert and Generals.

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    Wait, I thought this was C&C4? I just saw a demo of the first mission and it looks sick!

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