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Thread: Which computer games....?

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    I really love "the ninja game" flash game in one of my internet games for free site.

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    zuma deluxe to pass the time out, call of duty series whenever i want to pass myself out!!

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    Splinter Cell all the way, bros!

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    Hi dears, I like educational games as well as fighting games like as street fighting,commandos,etc.
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    I play online chess almost every day. I would say that's my favorite browser game.

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    Assassins Creed
    NFS World
    League of Legends
    Max Payne

    i like them all!

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    I like Crysis 2 and Assassins creed. Never accept time to play added amateur
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    I used to enjoy video games , but not so much anymore. Getting to old now. I'm part of that nintendo generation. Every game I buy now I can't finish them I get bored after 15 minutes. Even if the game cost like 50 dollars. So I just end up wasting my money and feel like an I got ripped off. The last game I bought was deus ex human rev and mafia 2 and they were terrible. I decided to quit buying games after that.

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    I have only played pc games. Looking forward to buy an xbox. But for now in PC I have played lots of games.
    nfs almost all their games in that series, collin mcrae 2 4, dirt 3 , crysis, modern warfare, etc
    Lots of games which I don't even remember.

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    I am just a crazy about gaming. In my pc there are lots of games. But my favorite games are:

    - Assassin's Creed
    - Crysis
    - MW3
    - NFS Shift
    - The God Father.

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