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Thread: Which computer games....?

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    I don't like educational games except for Plants and Zombies game! Ahahaha!

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    For flash games there are lot many sites.

    But for any educational game i dont have any idea about it..

    came some one provide the link for it.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrensmits View Post
    Half life 2
    Delta force
    how we can learn from this games
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    Zuma Deluxe is my favorite game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakki View Post
    how we can learn from this games
    Don't you know that HL2 is a simulation game to help us prepare when the LHC melts down??

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    List of My Best Game :

    - Crysis 2
    - Assassins creed
    - NFS Mostwanted
    - Splinter cell double agent
    - Mafia 2
    - God of War 3
    - Halo 3

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    There are alot of educational games at the Apple app store, if you have an iphone or ipad.

  8. I like Crysis 2 and Assassins creed. Never have time to play other games

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    I play DIRT 2 now, very additive game but must be handle with care, not suitable for in mature driver

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    when I was in elementary, we used to play Oregon Trail and Lemonade ... I thought both of those games were learning experiences and also a lot of fun!

    I also used to play Leisure Suit Larry, haha

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