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Thread: Does anyone still play MUD games?

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    Does anyone still play MUD games?

    I used to love the text based games, but left them 5 years ago when I got into forums. I looked back at some old book marks when I fired up an old machine and found that most of the sites and muds that I used to play/visit are now gone... but I assume that there still has to be a community....

    So do any of you play them?

    Which ones?

    (in case anyone remembers, I played on Waterdeep [which seems to be still around], and was the head builder for Mystic Realms & DarkHaven [both defunct] as a Pixie named Zotiel R. Bell)
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    I played on Sojourn [Toril] for years.

    They are still around but back when I played they had over 500 players at any one time.. Now I think it has an average of around 25 players on.

    It is how I met my wife


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    MUDS almost made me flunk out from college! I gave em up after reaching the highest level and my GPA > doubled.!

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