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Thread: Favorite Online Game

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    Favorite Online Game

    What is your favorite online game and what is it all about?
    I really love to play Day of Defeat. It is a great multiplayer 1st person shooter that takes place in WWII. It is an awsome game to play with friends or by yourslef with people from all around the world.
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    For the past year, I've been playing mainly Guild Wars, and online 'CORPG' and Halo, which everyone knows about. Guild Wars gets addicting really quickly and, if you make enough friends, can keep you hooked much better than WoW (imo).

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    Wow, theres lots of online games I enjoy playing, when I have time. Here are some examples.

    Priston Tale: I used to play this one quite alot, actually, a very lot. I'm talking 14 hours a day, everyday, for about 3-4 years, alot wouldn't you say? The game was pretty good, but has some pretty bad Admins and Gm's in command, they don't really speak good english, and they're not really reliable, but the game itself is pretty addictive for a hack 'n slash type MMO.

    Final Fantasy XI:Another MMO I was addicted to for awhile. Final Fantasy XI, to me, is just simply amazing, and I wish I could still play it. The graphics, battle system, jobs, races, everything - I think is just simply amazing, there isn't much about the game itself that I don't enjoy.

    Gunbound:This is a good game to waste time when you're bored, its basically a shooting type game, but not like Halo. You just shoot other players on a small 2D map, up to 8 players can play, 4 v 4, 3 v 3, 2 v 2, or 1 v 1. Quite addictive if you get into it.

    Other mentionables : World of Warcraft, I've never actually played it, but from what I hear, and from statistics, its a great game, if not just as great as Final Fantasy XI. Diablo I and II, WarCraft III Frozen throne, Guild Wars, All great games, especially Diablo and WarCraft, both are incredibly addictive games, and in my opinion are near perfected.
    comming soon

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    I play Warcraft 3 online (dota) sometimes, can't really get bored of it because heaps of my friends play it.

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    My favorite game is Counter-Strike Source. Best game ever!

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    Yeti Sports 1.5
    The only online game I've had time to play this year =D

    Used to play on a private Ragnarok server. It was pretty cool until it was overrun and became a non-English server.

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    Currently I am enamored with the flight of the hamster. It is rather addictive and very fun to play. It's a really funny and time pass game of the online I think you should try with this game. This one is one of my favorite game.

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    DOTA offline and Garena Online are my favorite games. No more other games I can play that makes me feel good!

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    Tiger Woods PGA online game is my favorite...I just love to play this most of the time.....

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    My favorite Online games :

    1. Age of Conan
    2. StarCraft
    3. Second Life
    4. Team Fortress 2
    5. Counter-Strike: Source

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