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Thread: Which is first Video game you played and when ?

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    I'm giving away my age (just like robjones), but the first game I played was Pong. Pong came out around 1972, which was quite a while before personal computers hit the market.
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    Wolf- 3d was the one of the first games i played. I remember playing it when i was like five years old or something, and at that age i used to love the violence. I still play it sometimes, though i take less time to complete it than before.
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    this is a great question!

    definitely was Atari ... and I believe the game was Donkey Kong but can't say for sure

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    I have no idea BUT I think it was Doom II back in 1999

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    Atari all the way

    I remember Pong and stuff but as a kid growing up with the Atari 2600 and seeing Pac-Man and Defender, man I was enamored! I loved Yars Revenge, Berserk, and all the Pitfall and wacky games that came with this system! Nintendo did not jumpon the scene until years later but Atari was my first love!
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    Super Mario Brothers the original. I loved it so much that I played it for almost a year straight without even trying other games.

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    I have played Street fighter in 2000 it was the first time when i played any game.
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    Haha remember the game "Pacman", "Battle City" and Donkey Kong? Kids time!

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    Hm... Metal Slug?

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    Prince of Persia when I was 4 lol. I couldn't play much but there was this easy cheat code if u press K the opponent dies. I still remember

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