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Thread: Which is first Video game you played and when ?

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    Which is first Video game you played and when ?

    Ok, lets start sharing that which first video game you played and when.

    for me,
    i was play contra first time at my friend house in 2000 i think.

    What about you ????
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    My first video game played was on the family computer called "Battle City" way back in 1995 as a kid. I would not forget that day when playing games.

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    An old mario bros game I guess But the first game that was my real favorite was GTA Vice City in 2003?
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    Now I'm above 35, and when I was very young there was no such entertainment in my place but outdoor games. I've played PC games recently. The first PC game I've played is NFS Carbon in 2009 .

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    Erm.. Space Invaders in like 1980. I was a little kid though..

    I'm not that old.. really..


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    On the PC it was Wolf-3d for me and on the 'video-game console' was contra & mario i guess, can't remember too well.
    But yeah, wolf seriously was the best

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    My first was the first video game... "Pong". Heck if I know what year... had to be late 60s early 70s range. Think it was an Atari thing that connected to the TV.

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    I played Atari. It was my first video game. It had 200 games inbuilt. I played only about 70-80 games. Then I broke its joystick when flying boxing.

    I then got 486sx computer and played DOOM, WOLF...

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    First Video game that i played was Mario it was in Nintendo before also double dragon I played that when I was 10 years old.

  10. Must have been pacman from Atari. God I'm so thankful my dad bought me that great piece of computer.

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