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    Personally i enjoy gaming whenever i have the time to do, i have an xbxo 360 and am on live pretty often (GT: cheesy p0ofs) you'll probably find me on gears of war 2 or Saints Row 2. I have other consoles but dont play them as much as the xbox
    So do you guys own a console or a handheld?

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    i dont have a console but i am happy with my RIG
    its a C2D E8400 so gives a gr8 performance with the support of nVdia 9600GT GPU
    am presently downloading gears of war and i regularly play Wolfenstein ET in India server which gives low ping

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    I never really got into gaming on the pc, i have a steam account with CSS, GMod and Zombie Panic source, but i dont play as much. It might be because i have a crap pc. Id love to see what happens if i put Crysis into my drive, my pc would blow up for sure.

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    I don't game much, but if I do, I would usually play Call of Duty 4 for computer. It's a really good game.

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    I've got a Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii.

    The PS3 is great for graphics and the Wii is great for games the whole family can pay.
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    I don't have any consoles, i usually play on my computer, on-line games. Counter-Strike, DoTA. When my time allows me to of course.

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    i think that PC is the best console ;D

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    a powerful pc with a good monitor is itself a good console if we use a controller
    In the end display does matter as we need to have the bigger experience

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    I prefer playing games on my pc even though i have a ps3

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