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Thread: Is gaming a passion for you?

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    yes, i love shooter games.. First and third person shooter.
    and Reservoir Dogs and Far Cry 1 are my favorites.

  2. I am a recovering facebook games addict, have been clean for about a month now

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    Its something I enjoy doing now and then, I wouldnt say I am passionate about gaming though.

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    I love games with a passion and can't get enough of them! I have been following games through almost every generation and while people thought it was a fad, I stuck with it and look at it today! A multi-billion dollar industry that outpaces the movie industry! No one but us early supporters saw this coming and as I look at my Konami Ultra Metal Gear Solid NES cartridge I can feel proud that the PS3 version as amazing as it is, could not be if it was not for these early games!
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    I love playing games I should be doing my university work but instead i will be playings for hours on end current on call of duty for the past month for around 4-5 a day still got a week off uni yet so more time too play

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    In the earlier days i did not like games so much. But now its become my passion and i love games and spend 2 hours in a day to play games.

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    yes it is passion for me, I love to play games very much.

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    Yeah, I love too play games too

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    I wouldn't call it a passion but i use to relax for 1-2 hours playing a good game

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    If you want to enjoy what you are doing you must have a passion on it in order to be satisfied and happy.

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