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Thread: Is gaming a passion for you?

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    I love to play games. very amusing after few hours of work

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    I don't stress too much about it

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    Its not a passion but good to kill some time and relax.

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    It used to be a passion when I was younger but now it's to blow off steam.

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    Well playing a game for me is just to kill time but I don't have to play if I don't want to.I just play if I want to or either im in the mood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vovol View Post
    Hi everybody!! Is playing games has been a passion for you or you play just to kill time??
    It's a passion for me and it came to a point that it "KILLED" my future..

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    Planning to buy one PS2 for myself as a beginner.


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    Nope I am not playing online game


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    Not a passion but it is a good time pass.

  10. Yea, I guess you could say that gaming is a passion for me. I started playing video games back in the mid 1980s with pac-man. That was back when you had to ride your bike to the store and put a quarter into the machine.

    In the 1990s my family bought a computer and I got into online gaming.

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