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    Ghost Recon

    Does anyone like the Ghost Recon series of games? I'm playing Advanced Warfighter at the moment - its fun, but really annoying if you play single player with AI squad mates - the missions are quite hard like that. If you're playing co-op with a friend then its a lot of fun though.

    Anyone play it online?
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    Don't play it online, but I'm a big fan of the series.

    I love the tactical element, though do agree that parts can get frustrating, especially when the AI squad aren't being particularly sensible.

    I think that the latest iterations have been particularly realistic, and whilst it's difficult to pick up and play the game, putting some thought in at the planning stages can be very rewarding.
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    The only one i've played in this series is Advanced Warfighter 2 quite some tie back. Was fairly good but a bit boring.

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    I loved it on the first Xbox, but after playing COD series I'll never go back. GRAW 2 just seems unrealistic, the graphics and gameplay seem sloppy. The guns don't seem realistic at all. I'd have to say Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is better than the GRAW also.

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    Ghost Recon is really good. I've only played the stand alone versions on a PC.

    I will have to look into Rainbow 6 Vegas 2. I have not played that one.

    Soldier of Fortune, Call of Duty and Fear are also good first person shooter games.
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