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Thread: MMO's

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    Anyone here play any MMO's? If so, which one(s)? I'm sure alot of people here play WoW atleast, or possibly even Final Fantasy XI. I myself used to play Final Fantasy XI, might start again with the new expansion pack.

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    Nah, I personally dont like RPGs. Just the thought of getting addicted or playing a never ending game makes me shudder in fear.

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    I've been playing Guild Wars for the past year now, and I've spent at least 1000 hours on it by now.

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    I don't like WoW much, and I really detest the login system FFXI uses. I do play other MMOs though - Dark Age of Camelot and Star Wars Galaxies being the two I play most at the moment.
    comming soon

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    WoW is great. I played Runescape for about a month, but then I grew tired of it.

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    I used to play Ao on dial up about a year ago but i gave up.

    and I hade a 2 week trial of Wow but i didnt want to pay for it.

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    I played Lineage 2 , MUOnline , Rohan , EVE Online and many more and i am looking forward to AION

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    I played Runescape for like a year, got really addicted to it, stopped playing now though xD i wouldnt even want to imagine how addicted id get to WoW.

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    You should try EVE Online and you will get very addicted to it it costs too much for me about 15 euros / month so i gave up

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    Guild Wars 2 is coming out soon right? Im guessing some of you here might be interested, the trailer and the artwork looks awesome. Not sure if ill be getting it.

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