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Thread: My Favorite Console?

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    My Favorite Console?

    What is your favorite Console of ALL time and why?
    I would have to say that mine is/was DreamCast. I loved that system for many reasons for one it had awesome games and it had my favorite controller of all time.

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    I agree, the Dreamcast was really nice, especially the controller with its easy to use Memory card slots, plus their memory cards were so much more reliable and "safe". However, I will have to go with Playstation 2, it was a hyped up system, but it lived up to it with its amazing features when it first came out.

    Don't get me wrong, though, Dreamcast, Nintendo products, and Microsoft all are nice, I just prefer PlayStation.

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    I would say it has to be the PS2. Because it is the system that seems to have everything. even though it didn't do the internet gaming right, it still had a strong base of games.

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    I like to play games in PC.I hate console because lot of problem with joystick analog and Game Disc.But PC has no problem like this.

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    My favorite console is PSP. It's handy and the games are so cool!

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    SSOny's Play Station 2. I bought it a month after it was released and i still use it. To hell with the Ps3 and the xbox. The Ps2 is legend and im planning to finish every game that's been made for it.
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    There are so many gaming console are available in the market such as

    - Xbox 360
    - Nintendo 3DS
    - N-Gage
    - GBA
    - Wii
    - Play-station 2
    - Play-station 3
    - Play-station Portable

    But My favourite one is Play-station 3.

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    there are many threads about this subject already

  9. still playing with PS 2 console and PC

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    I have always been a PlayStation fan but I would have to say my all time favorite is either Sega Genesis or the regular Nintendo ... classic games, classic characters and generally just good old fashioned fun!

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