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Thread: Nintendo GameCube

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    Nintendo GameCube

    This is probaly one of my favorite consoles. There aren't any top games imho but still, the games that did appear on the gamecube were very nice to play. Mario Kart Double Dash is my all time favorite. The gameplay is just too insane (two characters on one kart)

    How did you felt when you played on the gamecube for the first time, what is your favorite title?
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    The first time I played it I loved the control pad.

    I bought one just for resident evil 1 and 0.

    My friend gave me some advice about consoles, he said buy a ps2 for all the main stream games and get a game cube for all the little gems that nintendo make.

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    I've never owned a gamecube, but I do plan on getting the Revolution. My girlfriend loves the mario type of games, so I think it'll be a good addition for the future.

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    Let's be honest here, GameCube is not a good system. Although it's looking like the Revolution may turn out to be decent after all.
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    I think that the GameCube could have been a much better platform too but you must admit that there are some really nice games for it. Revolution will turn out very good too.

    GameCube didn't have anything special to offer like Sony and Microsoft had a DVD player. Third party developers didn't support the cube enough too.

  6. Its good for multiplayer like friends and family but its really gay if your by yourself.
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    The gamecube was awesome
    Wii is also quite awesome, better with more people though

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    I think one of the best games to be released on the Nintendo GameCube was Resident Evil Zero.

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