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Thread: Ps3 or XBox 360?

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    I'm a PS3 user, not bad, but I actually prefer my WII currently.

    Has anyone tried the PS3 Move stuff? Any good?
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    PS3 for sure.

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    I would love to have both!
    kinect of xbox and the ps network of ps3 both has its own goods and bads!

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    No doubt about that, but obveous its PS3. PS3 is a really strong console about Graphics, Capability, Long remote battery life, Great playstation move. And the best profit of PS3, it has a inbuilt Blurey player which contains high definition movies and videos.Thats why PS3 is best.

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    Two of the best gambling tool to date are the PS3 & X box 360 consoles. Both consoles boast a quality motion controller process however the X box 360 slim console appears to have the edge when compared against the PS3.

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    Gambling tools?

    I don't need such stuff here.

    Games are for losers....

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    Only losers are think about this. According to gaming, It is the best time pass and new kind of up coming generation. Gaming is not just like for fun, but it is one kind of challenge which we have to prove our self better. PS3 is a best gaming console. It also has a bluery player which contains better quality videos,

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    ps3 and psp is the best gaming console for me. its have good graphic and great experiences for gaming.

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    ps3 although I will admit I like xbox controller alot better than ps3's

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    Both are comparable. XBox 360. PS3 is better for fantasy and RPG. I'm not into those. 360 has a controller I'm comfortable with and XBox Live is good and probably more secure than the Playstation network.

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