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Thread: Ps3 or XBox 360?

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    Ps3 or XBox 360?

    Hi to all

    what is your favorite console..? My vote goes to Ps3 .

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    Xbox 360 for me, just because of Xbox Live and their controller.

    The system was poorly made.

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    Xbox 360, mostly because most of the games I play are on it and many friends have it too For example the extra versions of GTA IV are still X360-only, which is a big benefit IMO
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  4. I'll go for a PS3!

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    Both are great consoles but I prefer PS3!

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    Gambling tools?

    I don't need such stuff here.

    Games are for losers....

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    Only losers are think about this. According to gaming, It is the best time pass and new kind of up coming generation. Gaming is not just like for fun, but it is one kind of challenge which we have to prove our self better. PS3 is a best gaming console. It also has a bluery player which contains better quality videos,

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    mine is XBOX 360..

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    Voted for PS3.

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    Don't get me wrong, I love all systems and X360 also, but I have this thing for Sony games and systems. Valkyria Chronicles, Metal Gear and Gran Turisom Rock! Plus the exclusives on PS3 plus linking with the PSP is hard to resist. I am glad they have a strong system, but they need more sales though!
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