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    Who here uses Steam for all of their gaming needs? Also what games do you play with this program?
    I have had steam for a while and with it I play Day of Defeat, Counter Strike and Team Fortress Classic.
    comming soon

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    I had it awhile ago, used it for Counter Strike, but I didn't really enjoy Counter Strike that much so I never bothered getting it again after my latest format. Its a good program though, if you enjoy those types of games.

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    I used steam for counter strike 1.6, counter strike: condition zero and Team Fortress Classic. I hear many people complaining about steam, but I have never had a issue with it

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    I have it, because of Counter Strike but I can't stand it. I wish they would just use a conventional patching system.

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    Nope i don't use it and i don't plan to use it in the near future

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    I have steam, i play gmod, CSS and zombie panic source, i guess it's alright, a bit pricy but not too bad.

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