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    What are your feelings about 2012? Do you think it is really going to be the end?

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    Maybe a new beginning. I've heard so many stories about what 2012 could be. It could be the end of the world in fire or in ice... It could be the cleansing of the Earth. It could be...hell, I have no idea what it is.

    This is all I know: You're supposed to live everyday like your last. You could die before 2012 even hits (if it hits) so just enjoy life as is, and stop worryin about a future that you may never even see.

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    If we believed all the "end of the world" hype....we wouldn't be posting here today....we would all be dust.....

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    not the end. But it will lead us to the end. All the planets will line up, earth will be pulled closer to jupiter, and eventually we will die

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    I don't think it's going to happen.

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    If the world was going to end, we would be the last to know!!!

  7. after 2012, i'd tell my children that the end happened last 2012.

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    Every day that passes brings us closer to the end.....but that started millions of years ago.....

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    Okay, the way I look at it is this. Tell me, what was supposed to happen at Y2K? Did it happen? I don't think so. The thought of the world ending in 2012 is ridiculous.

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