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Thread: The 4th of July ghost

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    The 4th of July ghost

    Sorry for the pixelation, I had to resize it.

    Last year on the 4th of July I was at my friends' house. The weather was rain showers off and on, so inbetween the rain showers we shot off fireworks. I had my camera and took pictures. One of my pictures was this. It was only me and my friend Kyle outside, nobody else around within eyesight. If you look under the big tree on the right in the picture, you see a shadowy figure. We both did not see a thing out of the ordinary when we were shooting off fireworks and we both have no idea who or what it is. There is no way it is steam from the road or fog because it was clear as day when we were shooting off the fireworks. No explanation but you can clearly see a cloaked figure with what looks like a staff or a stick of some sort.

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    Re: The 4th of July ghost

    urm, the picture is so dark, especially the tree part, I can't really see anything... @___@

    but that's scary. =____=

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    Re: The 4th of July ghost

    This is not a off-topic forum.

    Moved to General Discussion.

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    Re: The 4th of July ghost

    well i seen this there is nothing there and its to dark so that makes me think up made this up and the picture is blurry so i could see were you get that

    i one of those people all for ghost and spirits

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    Re: The 4th of July ghost

    Just looked at this picture, and I was with everyone on this one, until... I saved the image on my computer. I have an odd ball monitor right now (it's a monitor from a neighbors house who needed my dad to work on his computer) so im using his monitor right now lol.. anyways the monitor tends to make alot of stuff brighter than normal, and I can see what Regice explained.. clear as day I crap you not lol... is it a ghost I have no clue... maybe just a way it looks but I will try and brighten the picture and let you all see it...

    check this out.. I hope it helped.. if you do not see anything even after I added the brightness or the red circle.. then either your blind, or I didn't make it bright enough.. if that is the case, I will get on my office computer and retry it.

    It does look like someone in a cloak with a staff or something long, but the staff if it is one, looks weird at the top so I have no clue how to make it out.. just check it out and see if you can see it now.. nice one regice..

    I do agree the picture is blurry, and I have no clue if this is from the blur or something... looks like a motion blur, however, the thing looks so noticeable.

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    Re: The 4th of July ghost

    oh, okay. it seems clearer now.

    and that's something indeed, haha~ ^^" I've never seen or experience one myself so I'm not sure, but.. there are cases like this.. I don't know what to say, hehe~ ^^"

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