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Thread: $50 bet

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    $50 bet

    well ,
    some months back when i was talking about seo, my friend kept telling serp will be more important then seo!.now a few months down the line i am thinking well, maybe he was wrong , well i placed a $50 bet with him, if we google seo /serp which will have more results!

    now i think i won this one hands down


  2. Is this a gambling type you are talking about? Or an online betting? 50 bucks is indeed to risky to bet and you could lose all the money for 99% chance, and only 1% chance to win.

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    i think its basically the same seo is to enhance serp ,search engine ranking protocol? seo search engine optimisation, lets say two sides of the same coin

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    Congratulations on your big win! To me personally, seo is more popular and widely discussed compared to serp, you should've bet a hundred.

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