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Thread: AboveNet Network Outage NY / NJ

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    AboveNet Network Outage NY / NJ

    AboveNet, a large bandwidth provider in New York, U.S.A., is currently experience a problem with a fiber optic cable. This has caused an outage which effects multiple providers in the area. Many web sites are down as of this post. AboveNet has a crew en route and expects to fix the problem at 8:30 a.m. EST (Sunday).

    NOTE: Anyone using Vectro's services may also be experiencing interruption or complete outage at this time.

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    I don't have any problems. Webservers are all over the place. I suspect it would be a bigger problem for dedicated T1 & T3 lines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogart View Post
    I suspect it would be a bigger problem for dedicated T1 & T3 lines.
    Yeah, it hit the ISP I use for my dedicated servers. They use several providers in their datacenter and were able to re-route the data. They are also adding another provider who does not route data through NY just in case something like this happens again.

    There was an underground fire and a fiber cable melted into a conduit!

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    A lot of data centers are in Houston which has a huge Hurricane risk. In 2005 my sites were on a server in Houston and Emily, Rita and Katrina all put Houston at risk. You never know!

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    Transformer Blast Damages Building in Chelsea - City Room Blog -

    Explosion at Building in Manhattan

    No one was injured. I was told that AboveNet sent workers to fix a bend in the fiber cable just to find out there was a fire which prevented them from going into the manhole they needed to enter. They had to drop into surrounding manholes. That's when they found that some of the fiber cable had melted into a conduit. Now they are cutting out the broken part of the cable and splicing a new piece of cable into the working portion of it. I think that's the sequence of events if I have it correctly.

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    There's so much stuff underground in New York that things like this happen all the time. The flip side is that there's the resources to fix the problem quickly.

    A few years back, I recall a water main explosion around 42nd and 6th that caused a lot of damage. Another time a Bum set a fire on a subway track that caused some major problems. I was going out to Brooklynn and it took me something like 5 hours to get there and back.

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