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Thread: - Your Entertainment Network =!

  1. #1 - Your Entertainment Network =!

    Site Name: Aboxcafe

    Site URL:


    A forum extravaganza aiming for pure entertainment on pretty much every level, starting at Anime/Manga, going down the line through Graphics, Music, Games, News, Roleplays, Sports and Off Topic section (Cafe) for you to chillax and unwind with the other forum members.


    Over here we have 3 main themes - Aboxcafe, Animecafe and Graphics cafe.

    Each theme has it's own priority forum structure. Anime cafe has Anime section placed above the General/Graphics forums, and vice versa.

    It's a place for any avid forum-goers from otaku to gfxer!

    Board Statistics:

    Threads: 26,095

    Posts: 260,188

    Members: 1,222

    Board has been officially started on 15th Oct 2008.

    Few previews of our 101 styles

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    Re: - Your Entertainment Network =!

    It looks great, I may join soon. Keep up the great work

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    Re: - Your Entertainment Network =!

    [quote name="Sbfc"]It looks great, I may join soon. Keep up the great work [/quote]

    Thanks Sbfc. I'm glad you like the themes.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing you there. Would like to get some feedback from you.

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    Re: - Your Entertainment Network =!

    Looks really great .

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    Looks good but sometimes there's too much in your face at one time.

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    Well if you haven't joined yet, you should get to it!!

    Ab's still growing, but if you're not there, I'm sure it's not something without ya

    Remember guys, we've got a bit of everything and anything. From news, to anime, to graphics, to writing, to general chat!! We're looking forward to some additions as well, but you won't know what they are unless you're there!!

    Hope to see some new faces~*


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    Wow, I've just got to say that looks amazing ... The selection of skins you have is great, Seems active and I might think about joining

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    Thanks Keitho! We're always working hard there, and trying to get things going right I hope to see you over there if anything ^^; If you think there's anything that needs changing, or you have any tough opinions about us, don't be afraid to say so either. We're always trying to upgrade!

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    Lot of activity going on here!

    So come on down to AB and chat it up, take part weekly contests and advertise your forums!

    Be a part of this fun community today! See you there.

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    Don't forget to come and check out AB for the new month x3; Something always happenin' in the world of chattin'!!

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