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    Forum Name: AdBB

    Forum URL:

    Forum Description: Come down to adBB today to promote your forum and take advantage of our services we have to offer.

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    Re: AdBB

    Good forum, I may consider being active on there.

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    Re: AdBB

    Looks active but the skin is commonly used, good site though.. goodluck

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    Re: AdBB

    Thanks for the quick reply, and that would be great sbfc

    Keitho, yeah but its the only good free skins that is out there, when I have the time I'll edit that skin to make it look better

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    Re: AdBB

    yeh thats very true... and im looking forward to see the forum skin updates soon

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    Re: AdBB

    Looks nice but yeah, the template is overused.

    It would be nice to see some post icons or more icons on it.

    Good luck with your forums.

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    Hmmm, doesn't seem to load for me, it still up?

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    I have joined

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