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Thread: An Admin's Mind - Adminstrating, Blogging, and other Tips

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    Website Name: An Admin's Mind

    Website link:

    Description: An Admin's Mind gives you a fresh scoop of thoughts, tips and tricks. To help improve your online goals.

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    Very good and helpful site. How long has it been up and running?

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    It will be about 4-5 days today.

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    Great looking site and it could be useful. Best of luck

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    Well AAM is doing great. We are getting higher/lower ( What Ever You Go By) in alexa rank. Also, AAM has now 28 full articles for you to explore. With the latest one being

    Plesk vs Cpanel – The Panel Showdown – Part 1

    Currently Our Most Popular Article is:

    Choosing the Right (Free) Forum Software

    So, feel free to stop by and comment. Also, dont forget to retweet, digg and share our articles

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    Newest Post:

    Should you Blog Everyday

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    Nice blog Orc Good luck with it

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    Thanks wolfy!

    Newest Post:

    Questions a Blogger Should Ask Themselves

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    Newest Post:

    Increasing the Speed of Wordpress

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    Very detailed articles. I read your article about "Interesting Rules" or something like that. And I absolutely agree everything you wrote in that article. Nice job, and keep up the good work!

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