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Thread: AdminHelper Forum!

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    AdminHelper Forum!

    Website Name: Admin Helper

    site link:

    Website Description: Designed for Admins by Admins!

    Admin Helper is a forum created by myself, with the help of another Founder. It is a forum designed for admins to come and discuss about their site. Unlike other forums for admin, Admin Helper does not provide packages or jumble ads, but instead it helps admins to solve problems about their forum's software, be it phpBB or MyBB or other software. Admin Helper also provide you with a section special for BBCodes for you to enhance your forum to be better!

    Our Goal: We aim to help other Admins with their software and other admin topics that can arise in running a forum.

    Your name on the Board: Ryan Woody

    1. Why should I join?

    Answer: Well we are only a small forum as we only opened a few days ago, but we would like to think that we have a great atmosphere and we will continue to have such an atmosphere as we grow bigger.

    2. Are you looking for staff?

    Answer: The answer to this question depends on when you see it... We always need staff, so come on over to Admin Helper and have a look in our announcement forum, or as an alternative, you could go to our topic in the "Community Services" here on CF...

    3. What is the difference between CF and AdminHelper?

    Answer: There is a clear difference. Here at CF we have the goal to help other forums advertise so that there are a lot of forums under one banner, and we supply a bit of admin help when needed or requested. However at AdminHelper, we strive to only HELP other forums... We also provide a discussion forum, and a "site show off" forum, but that is NOT the main purpose of AdminHelper. The main purpose is to help the admins of other forums and websites with the software side of the forum, unlike CF with the promotion of their forum or website.

    4. If I join, What can I expect in the future?

    Answer: Our priority is to expand the forum more, we hope to bring new and exciting partnerships with other forums that do similar admin advice as we do.

    5. Are you going to get a new domai?

    Answer: As like other forums that are on a freehosting service, we would like to get a domain name and a hosting site that will host us in the future. However we can only do this if we have the members we need and also the funds… This will hopefully become a reality in a few months to come.

    -Board Started on: June 14th 2010

    -Category: Promoting & Admin Discussion Forum's

    -Forum Link:

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    Re: AdminHelper Forum!

    I joined, but my email with the activation instructions didn't arrive yet. I understand, though, that these emails don't always arrive instantly. Also, I did check my trash section just to make sure it didn't end up there.


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    Re: AdminHelper Forum!

    Nice forum, I will join maybe, just maybe

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    Re: AdminHelper Forum!

    I don't even remember there being an activation code.

    My username is the same.

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    Re: AdminHelper Forum!

    No I had to disable the activation email, due to registration problems... this may change in the future...

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