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    Who is the first person you go to when you need advice?

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    Probably my best friend Shane. We have been bros for years, and we always have each other's back when times get rough.

  3. #3, well that depends on what I need advice for.

    If it's love advice, my life advice, then probably my friend Mike or my friend James. It totally depends. Especially on the details considering Mike doesn't like me talking about things that involve illegal stuff so it gets complicated

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    I'll go to my father, then my brother.

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    My parents, my bro. Sometimes my friends. Sometimes Mr X. I am still trying to figure out who he is

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    Usually ...noone.....try to work it out in my head......

  7. my friends

    or sometimes online friends in forums like this

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    My husband as he is the fountain of knowledge

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    No one, Im not really an open person and keep stuff to myself.

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