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Thread: Which anitvirus software do you useZ?

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    not i use anti virus

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    I use Avira. It's the best free anti-virus software on the net right now as far as I'm concerned. It blows AVG Free out of the water. I personally can't stand AVG's Free edition of its virus software. Avira has kept my computer clean so far.

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    Donīt use and donīt need to use a antivirus, Iīm using linux, so I hadnīt had any problem with virus and hopefully wonīt have. Thatīs one headache that I forgot when I wenīt from using windows to linux

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    I only believe in avast since I’m using avast, I preferred only to use avast
    Avast antivirus is one of several free solutions that I frequently recommend.

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    I am using nothing..!

    Guys! to be very honest I am not using any anti virus software because whenever I install any anti virus software I don't know how viruses came in my system. Recently I also install AVG but it is of no use or I think I don't know how to use them wisely, one of my friend says to keep updating the anti virus software but it was still the same and I have to format my whole hard drive.

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    NAV2008.Excellent,does'nt slows the sistem like Norton 360 or like earlier versions.Also the virus definitions on the norton official site help a lot.

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    I use McAfee..
    I ve used avira before and its not quite good ..

    the best of all would be bitdefender

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    I use AVG Anti virus for my PC. The best part is that its free and provides regular update. I have never faced any concerns with it so far. I would highly recommend AVG.

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    guyz i suggest everyone to use zonealarm security suite
    its the best firewall/antivirus/etc available out there
    it always keeps my pc virus clean

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    I used AVG free version but that is not free now I guess.

    I think it is best to format the hard drive completely every six months.

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