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Thread: Apple Ipad :)

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    Apple Ipad :)

    anyone ever heard of the ipad yet? There is lots to say about it and many amazing features so if your interested here is the link to apples website letting you know about the new ipad !

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    Re: Apple Ipad :)

    From my point of view, all they have done is got an Itouch and increased the size of it.

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    Re: Apple Ipad :)

    It is basicly all of Apples inventions smooshed into one. I don't like it

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    Re: Apple Ipad :)

    I'd rather have a laptop.

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    Re: Apple Ipad :)

    Well I already do.. I'f rather have the ipad than the ipod

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    Re: Apple Ipad :)

    If I got given an IPad, I would sell it and buy an IPhone.

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    Re: Apple Ipad :)

    I don't really rate it that highly, it's good but if you've got a laptop & an iPod you really don't need one.

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    From the reviews i've read, every feature you can name has some sort of limitation on it that makes it next to worthless. Great screen size, yet no Flash Player support makes watching online videos non-possible. It can't multitask, something that even a netbook with a Gig of RAM can do without any issues. What's the deal with no camera? Seriously? No iChat? Pointless. It also doesn't have a HDMI port... AND it still must be run on AT&T's service, which has spotty coverage.

    In my view it's yet another product that only the hardcore fanboy elite will purchase at first, and it will take years before one is "ready" to be interesting to the average customer. Not worth my money.

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    iPad's are worthless, IMO. I don't think it'll be an actual consumer product for quite a while, even if it has its uses. I love my iPhone, and I'm sticking with it.

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    IMO I think all the fuss has been for nothing. It's not even that great!

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