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Thread: Aquarezz is leaving the internet business...

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    Unhappy Aquarezz is leaving the internet business...

    Warning: This is an old topic, I'm back into business

    First of all.. some people do know me, some people don't...
    Let's introduce me first, I'm Aquarezz (Nico Lawsons)

    Recently I found out there were some really webmasters forum without DP (as they banned me for a stupid reason)
    So to all DP'ers, don't stay there, they'll ban you anyway...

    Go to,,, etc.... search webmaster forum in Google

    As a second thing, many of you guys now I've lost 300$ recently due to Paypal closing my account... well now they did it again with 650$

    I'm selling / giving everything away right now.. if you get something, do something good with it

    The reason I am leaving, is because I'm just 15 years old and not much people love to do deals with me.. though, the ones that did business with me (over 150 people) always appreciated everything I did.. that's why I never had a signle negative rep, but I got more than 100 positive ones...
    Respect for those people...

    What I've learned with this, is that not everything is about money...
    I'm leaving for 3 years now, till I'm 18 and I can signup with my legal information (Never could do this before...) but I won't really go away...

    I will now do much more things for free, like building proxy templates and spreading them for free instead of asking money for it...

    Probably there will come an ebook with all my experience which I will give for free too.. as everybody uses Paypal but I never won't do it again...
    I agree with Paypalsucks.Com

    Ow the reason paypal banned me again (it's the same as before)...:
    I was earning too much per month through my account, they now refunded all money from everybody, and won't give it back till I upload my information from identification, house, drivers license (which I don't have) and I'm not called 'Prox Deals' like my profile said on Paypal...

    I've been scammed for more than $1,000 now and I'm only 15.. not good huh?
    Maybe you guys are thinking.. ah what the heck...

    But well yeah maybe it will be a dissapointment for some of you guys and if not, it is for me..
    Too bad I could never deal with all of you and could never meet you on the internet

    Well the end of a 3-Years business has arrived...

    As people always need to have goals, these are mine which I wanna have reached when I'm 18:
    - School certificate from Informatica Management (Don't know how to tell it in English)
    - Know PHP, SQL, ASP etc... I've tried those languages already and I'm almost out, still some things stay difficult so...
    - Learn how to make good and nice layouts in Photoshop
    - Have a big tech-faq clone with a lot of articles :' ) (Yes, Will maybe I will ever become better than you )

    With this message, I want to make sure everybody remembers these things:
    - Aquarezz was... too bad I had to leave, but I'm sick of internet business at the age of 15
    - Hostgator is the best hosting company there is, if you wanna signup go via than you can support me...

    But this is much more important:
    - DigitalPoint sucks, they ban all their best users
    - Paypal sucks, remember that there are other/much better webmaster forums

    Well, thanks everybody for everything you did to me.. RESPECT will never forget this succesful internet career from the age of 12 till 15... maybe I ever was the youngest web entrepreneur earning the most ever...

    Hope you guys got a long way to go, and remember what I said.. also don't forget to always have a goal in your life, without this, your life makes no sense...

    Keep loving your family, Girlfriend etc.. don't think too much about the cash.. money is a sickness

    But I leave now..

    Bye bye internet business and everybody, thanks to all users who helped me:
    Urbt, Will.Spencer, Proxywhereabouts, BooZzZ (My internet partner), Ilja, and probably thousand others I forgot

    Aquarezzz (Nico Lawsons)
    Last edited by Aquarezz; 3 September, 2009 at 10:33 AM.
    |Nico Lawsons

  2. Nico:

    Charles had similar problems with PayPal, but was able to eventually reach an agreement with them.

    Charles may have some advice that you can use.

    Also, one of your parents could create a PayPal account and you could share that with them.
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    I was thinking the same, I understand you might be p*ssed of, but there's always an open door somewhere.
    Try harder and forget about having more than $500 in your paypal account...

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    Well thanks everybody for the comments, but I'm leaving paypal away for some months now....
    I'm getting angry everytime I read / see that name

    But yeah.. I'll stay active at the community

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Register a Paypal account in your parents name.

    I bet that would work, since that's what I did.

    Mind you, I started when I was 16 and was pooling in transactions adding to more than $2500/mo back then without a problem with a paypal account in my parents name.

    I don't think you should have a problem.

    But, yeah it would be pretty scary if Paypal closed me down anytime soon, with all the FUNDS I have in there :P

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    Yep, PayPal limited my account. After about $150 NZD in International phone/fax bills (there was only $380 in the account), I got things sorted.

    I signed up, and when I signed up... There was nothing at all in the TOS that stated that you had to be 18-years-old in order to be part of the program. They had their Senior Executive check that this change of policy did recently occur, and re-enabled my account after having me send them a fax with a) a coverpage b) my passport c) my last three months worth of bank account statements d) a detailed explanation on the last 10 payments received e) a detailed explanation of the last 10 payments sent f) how I met the last 10 people that I transacted with g) a statement of the credit card that was used to verify my PayPal account -- fortunately, the company that I bought the VCC off was able to supply an online statement.

    It was three weeks of hell, but they finally reinstated my account and I have been happily transacting since.

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    It is of course your decision but I suggest not to give up. Shit happens & unless there's any effect on what you can do NOW there's no point being remorseful & quitting some business.
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  8. Winston Churchill stated it quite well when he said "Never give in--never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."
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    I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.

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    I have the same issue now. PayPal blocked my account after I received 300€.
    I have made an issue when I made my first account: I inversed Name and Full Name...... So I opened a new account with correct name as "Personal" and sent the money.

    Now, PayPal is asking me for ID, driver license etc...

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    The paypal issues are a big problem. Is it possible to set up a business and get a business account?

    There more than one way to make money. You can also set up some sites. Start creating content and do link building. When you turn 18 you can monetize them or sell them for a profit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarezz View Post
    Keep loving your family, Girlfriend etc.. don't think too much about the cash.. money is a sickness
    Money is what it is all about. Without money you can't pay your bills.
    Personally I hate money. Because people make me work for it.

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