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Thread: ASH ~ a fan-site forum for Akiko Shikata

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    Re: Shikata no Harmony

    thank youuuuu!!! ^____^

    it feels so good when people appreciate your hard work, ne? ^^

    so again, to everyone, thanks for all your visits and comments. if you're interested, please join and help me. I'm looking forward to see you all there! ^^

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    Re: Shikata no Harmony


    quick updates about our stats now:

    Total posts 213 | Total topics 51 | Total members 7

    I know that my forum is moving slowly. that's why I'm not really taking anything in rush, but I'll be very happy and appreciate it if you guys would join me and help me there, hehe~ staff members position is still open, apply soon! ^^

    thanks for all the helps, visits, posts, and comments. I'm looking forward to meet you all there!

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    Re: Shikata no Harmony

    updates today:

    Total posts 223 | Total topics 52 | Total members 8

    we're growing slowly but surely! I found a member who is willing to help as contributor yesterday, so now the contributor position is closed. I'm still in need of one more person to help as site admin and global mod at once, and s/he will also be responsible for the forum's style and graphic.

    make sure to visit me there, join us, and help the forum grow!

    thanks for your attention, hehe~ ^^

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    Re: Shikata no Harmony

    updates today:

    Total posts 262 | Total topics 63 | Total members 9

    last night Marvin agreed to help me to fill the last position of the staff team. many thanks to him. so now, my staff team is completed so I closed the application.

    we're growing slow but sure. as now we have Site Contributors, we have added some new lyrics and information of download links as well to some of Shikata's songs. make sure to check them out.

    thanks for all your visit, and I'm hoping to see you joining the fun there! ^__^

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    Re: Shikata no Harmony

    Its a shame I don't like this type of stuff (NO OFFENSE AT ALL!)

    Otherwise I would join! You have a great forum! keep up the good work!

    And if you need any help please don't be afraid to ask

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    Re: Shikata no Harmony

    haha, no problem, I understand.

    thank you very much, hehe~ and yeah, I'll remember that. ^__^

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    Re: Shikata no Harmony

    Thanks Good Luck!

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    Re: Shikata no Harmony

    quick updates:

    Total posts 301 | Total topics 66 | Total members 10

    thanks for itsallaboutmusic who had just registered there, and thanks for all the visits. we're still looking for more members as usual, so come and join in the fun there. see you all soon, and thanks for everything! ^^

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    Re: ASH ~ a fan-site forum for Akiko Shikata


    I finally moved my site to be hosted by forumotion. I mean making a new site, yeah. so we lost some members, but I'm glad that most of them still returned. we're still a small community, yeah. hopefully this time we'll grow big for sure. so visit us now!

    our current stats:

    Our users have posted a total of 266 messages

    We have 6 registered users

    we've made some changes to the site, like adding a chat box by cBox and more importantly, a music playlist! so for you who never heard of Akiko Shikata and her works ever before, you can go to my site and try listening to some of them.

    thanks for all your visit, looking forward to see you there!

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    Re: ASH ~ a fan-site forum for Akiko Shikata


    Our users have posted a total of 626 messages

    We have 8 registered users

    The newest registered user is clovelii

    I added some new ranks and a new group for VIP members with extra privileges. so visit ASH now and see you there! thanks. ^^

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