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Thread: Bad customer service

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    Have you ever been affected by bad customer service? If so, share your story/stories.

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    Just about everywhere I go.. A refreshingly unique and fun community. Everyone is welcome!

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    I think everywhere you go there will be always someone who gives out a dose of bad customer service

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    Ok, so I usually get off work late, and so I have two options for dinner: Jack in the box or burger king. I decided to go to burger king this particular night. I get there, ready to order my number 4 with no onions and a Dr.Pepper. Easy order, usually in and out in 5 minutes. This night though, I pull up, and first thing I hear is, "Just to let you know, we are cleaning our grill and so we have no burgers or whoppers." Confused, I stare at the box for a moment, wondering what the hell they ARE selling. So, after decided not to go on a murderous rampage, I order chicken nuggets and a Dr. Pepper, only to be told that the soda machines are not working either. I left there very unhappy, with chicken nuggets and nothing else. I ended up having to make a sandwich at home to go with the nuggets.

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    I'm sometimes affected by it. If I think of a story I'll post it.

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    The host I used for my website earlier was horrible. In the beginning I found it very cool, the features were outstanding, but as days went by, I realised what a blunder I had made. So... said GOODBYE THANK YOU! Shifted my site to another server. Now its all fine! The nightmares are gone........

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    Bad customer service is everywhere..

    I've never gotten it but at fast food joints.

    Now it's time to ditch the customers a bit here. I work in retail.

    I was working as a cashier, and I had a long queu of customers waiting for their turn and one old woman just wouldn't leave the shop untill I had answered all her questions which were:

    Do you think that 50 $ is enough for these shoppings? (and she paid with a 500 € bill)

    -Is this fat free youghurt realy fat free? Can you call the company and check?

    -I don't like pink paper, I want blue instead. I'll go and get it.

    -Can you go and get me some milk, I forgot to take it.

    -Have you tasted this cheese, is it good? (My answer: No, I haven't) Well why haven't you? How can you possibly work in here if you haven't tasted all the products that you sell?


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    Too many......

    These companies give all the prospective employees a test.....

    And hire the ones that fail.....

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    I experienced this not so long back. The guy I spoke to lied to me throughout our conversation and I left the shop, later phoning back making an official complaint.

  10. i probably have experienced every bad customer services from hosting to even to those fast food restaurant.

    and most especially Microsoft support

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