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Thread: Bad luck or what

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    Bad luck or what

    Situation is going like this.

    15 days ago, lightning strikes and my lan is going down also my internet.
    I was 2 days without internet but I repair it somehow. Then I decided to buy new ADSL internet connection to have backup.
    First day I got it, electricity went down, and came late evening.
    Ok I thought it is over now.
    2 days after - phone company decided that they need to change main cable and internet went down again, since my adsl and lan have source in the same quart just a two different phone lines. This time it was again 2 days.
    I thought now it is finally over, but then bad luck strikes again!
    Yesterday my 20'' Samsung BW stopped working. I was crazy all day and eagerly sent it today on warranty. Now I am again in caffe, waiting for my friend to come home to borrow his old 17'' CRT.

    I am wondering what is next. I doubt on my HDD it is sounding strange.

    Ok, going now, I just wanted to share with some guys who will understand
    this madness.
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    sounds like a tough week i hope it gets better soon

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    Good luck Hellas, you're in a stupid situation now... You should move over to somewhere else and hope it stops there lol

    Good luck mate!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    CRT is up. 17" at 1280x1024 looks to small

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    The poor infrastructure and its consequences. Good Luck!

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    Aww.. Bad time.. but you're back.. Good boy strong boy.. LOL ... Good luck with everything..
    SEO girl...

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    It is really bad feeling, happen some time.
    Hope every thing will be all right now.

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    It happens sometime, don't worry you will get over all the bad luck once and for all. All the very Best for your future projects and hope this bad situation resolves soon.

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    And the possibly next wonders are, your PC HDD would crash and you’ll lose your valuable data. This is not the end. Lightning may strike again and may cause damage to your Monitor, SMPS, and PC components' circuitries. So better you use a Voltage Stabilizer or a UPS and Create backup of all your important data as soon as possible. Best of luck.

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