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Thread: Band Name Meanings?

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    Post any if you know any!

    This post is more like a game. Post what you know band names mean..example (my post):

    (try to give brief history as well)

    Blink 182: The kids went to a high school and had a band. They had a song with bad language in it and played it at their talent show or something like that. They got banned from school. In their time, the word: "blink" meant "f&ck". The highschool initials were RB. R=18th letter of alphabet. B=2nd letter. 18-2. Blink 182.

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    The band was originally formed in 1968 by guitarist Jimmy Page under the name The New Yardbirds in order to fulfill some performance commitments booked in Scandinavia before the break up of the original Yardbirds. Vocalist Robert Plant, known from his work with The Band of Joy, was himself on the verge of a record deal when Page saw him perform at West Midlands College of Education with a pickup band of art students and drafted him into the new band. Plant brought with him drummer John Bonham. Bassist John Paul Jones was informed by his wife that Page was forming a group; Jones and Page knew each other well from their days as session musicians and Jones contacted Page who asked him then to join the band.

    After some concerts as the New Yardbirds, the band's name was changed to Led Zeppelin, after Keith Moon, drummer with The Who, said, 'With that lineup you'll go down like a lead balloon'. The word 'lead' is misspelled deliberately to avoid confusion, fearing Americans might pronounce it 'lead Zeppelin' (as in 'lead singer&#39, as opposed to a zeppelin constructed of lead.

    Led Zeppelin

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