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Thread: Bash the board!

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    Bash the board!

    It's an easy game..........bash your keyboard it will come up with letters, the next person must make up a sentence with those letters then bash their board.

    EG:......oeing = One every inch, not growing

    Here you go, the first set of letters. :tup:


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    Re: Bash the board!

    Just not being knight moat. (Not sure if that makes sence :lol2


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    Re: Bash the board!

    A seriously flawed jittery ink operator.........<-------- hope that's not me LOL


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    Re: Bash the board!

    eat the king mush rooms up. hahaha


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    Re: Bash the board!

    You really are failing guys, please obey my fantastic garden's sexy beetroot.


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    Re: Bash the board!

    Great Trade Income .


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    If he&#39;s from under here...


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