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    Yeah, I like to refresh myself from the hot sun..I like people to bury me in the sand :P I like to try get out

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    I like going when I have the opportunity to go

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    Yeah, same goes for me. I like to get when I actually have the time to go.

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    I like the beach and already have two beach trips planned for this summer. I'm not the type that loves all the sand though. I'm just not crazy about sand. I prefer going on short term trips to the beach.

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    No, I don't like going to the beach. Not inside the water atleast, don't you ever wonder what the water is filled with? Just think about it, animals pee and poo in there as well as other bodily functions. Just think about all the nasty stuff that's in the water! And you don't want to know why the water is salty XO

    I like the sand though, and it has a nice view. But I won't go in the water!

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    [quote name="Scourge"]Do you like going to the beach? I do its fun going to a beach every once in awhile. [/quote]

    Yes. I haven't had the time to go, but I mean to do so first chance I get. In fact, I'll be going to the beach on Monday to go fishing with an acquaintance. Should be fun. Hopefully, I'll catch a fish.


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    I love going to the beach! I like the sand in my feet.

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