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Thread: The best job in the world

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    The best job in the world

    Does anyone applied from here. I was thinking to apply but I think my english is to bad for this and there is probably over 1000 applications...
    Basicly some company will give you 150000$ for six month blogging job from some exotic island (Hamilton island - Great Barrier Reef).

    The Best Job In The World

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    Wow, looks like a nice job indeed. You might have more changes creating such a job yourself by applying what you've learned from NB

  3. Looks like a cheap (and effective!) publicity stunt.
    Well done though, props to these guys

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    Martinique, FWI
    I have read that someone submitted his application in 6 languages !
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    hehehe i just watched some video aplications for job
    very very funny

    people are unbolivable

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    Yeah, I read about that somewhere. Not sure if I really want the job though

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    It's too much work, and I'm not 18 yet xD

    But the job must be very relaxing!
    The winner will have a great 1/2 year I think
    Or maybe it will turn out in a hell

    |Nico Lawsons

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