Marvin_silent25, a pureblood wizard, in some ways he is a wizard in disguise studying at a certain academy, a music lover, a book worm. I’m doing some research about the long lost gods of Olympus, and until strikes summer, and in the Wizarding world, he was asked to write a quibbler by the owner and assigned him as a writer by the editors-in-chief. So then he wrote the New York Times#1 Best-Selling Series, Percy Jackson and The Olympians.

My Review about Percy Jackson and Harry Potter..hope you like it guys


Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson Series Box Set

If you’re extremely addicted about Greek Mythology and a superb action/adventure/mystery series, then I strongly recommend you to read this book. This epic series is entitled as “Percy Jackson and the Olympian.” I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard about this from muggles around the area. It is the New York’s #1 best-selling series wrote by the award-winning author Rick Riordan. The series has been in hibernating for quite some time until the release of the movie adaptation made noise. It made almost all muggles, even wizards and witches, young and old became interested with it.

The series focuses on the life of a seemingly normal boy named Percy Jackson. Every time he is enrolled in a new school, he ends up getting kicked out due to inexplicable reasons. The story begins in Yancy Academy, Percy’s new school; his life turns from the unusual kid with ADHD and dyslexia, to a life of a hero with threats left and right.

Throughout the mythical adventures of Percy Jackson, he discovers the truth about himself and the world around him. It turns out that he's a demigod, the son of the one and only, the ruler of the sea, Poseidon. He also finds out that he has quick reflexes because of his ADHD and the dyslexia is due to the fact that his main language is in fact Greek. As soon as he is aware of how real mythology is and the role he is destined to take part in, the danger and action increases tenfold. His journeys take him and his group of companions, Annabeth, daughter of Athena and Grover, a satyr, across the United States and other locations in order to complete quests and in his travels he encounters a minotaur, Cyclopes, vampires, the Greek Gods such as Zeus and Apollo, Titans, satyrs, and much more interesting mythical creatures and heroes. The relationship between Percy and Annabeth is fairly obvious to everyone except to Percy who appears to be in denial of having those kinds of feelings towards Annabeth. The characters in this series are extremely likable and they all seem to fit in somewhere.

The book itself seems to ensnare the mind of the readers into the mythological world, and I assure you, your imagination will definitely be running nonstop. Also, the unique abilities that come with being the child of a Greek God are simply mind-blowing when used. Throughout the books in this series there will be many battles and events, such as races, that will keep one intrigued, and the amount of monsters included and the background info given on several of them make it an amazing mythology-based series. So if you're worried about there not being enough action, well cross that worry off your list for this is an adrenaline pumping roller coaster of suspense and thrills.

Another thing I loved about the series is how the author managed to tie America's modern culture to Greek mythology, and very often, he manages to connect the two seamlessly, almost to the point where it just seems plausible – just as how our beloved J.K. Rowling did for our Harry Potter. The key locations he chose were simply amazing, such as the top of the Empire State Building for Mt. Olympus, or the Bermuda Triangle for the Sea of Monsters, I simply loved it! It just made things more believable.

Percy Jackson series box set

In comparison to Harry Potter (HP), Percy Jackson (PJ) is also written in such a way that the series would capture young adults. Just like Harry, Percy has his share of troubles in school without really understanding why he seems different from everybody else. Both boys have prophecies that they have to face. Both series have a final battle. Percy and Harry both have romantic interest that they do not begin to realize until late in the series. Both boys have inborn powers. Both series have been turned into screenplays. They both borrow off of mythology and old legend, but have original and interesting storyline.

So much similarities, *giggles* let’s now see the differences of the two. The types of fantasy are different. Harry Potter deals more with wands and spells. Percy Jackson deals with mythology. His abilities actually come from being the son of Poseidon. Harry Potter tends to be more serious at points. The series itself tends to evolve towards a more mature audience. The Percy Jackson series, while it does pick up the plot, stays at about the same maturity level throughout. The storyline of Percy Jackson is lighter compared to Harry Potter. The characters seem a little more developed in Harry Potter. On the other hand, parental relationships are more pronounced in the Percy Jackson series. The styles of writing between the two series are different. Harry Potter tends to be descriptive in a literal sense. Percy Jackson uses a good deal of figurative speech. Harry may describe Snape's hair as stringy and greasy. Percy would more likely say it looked like the Exxon Valdez crashed on his head. Harry Potter contains a good deal of magical dueling. Percy Jackson contains Greek style sword play and archery. Adding to that, HP is set in the United Kingdom, whereas PJ’s setting is in the United States.

In my opinion, you’ll find the Percy Jackson series more appealing than Harry Potter, if you’re more into Greek mythology than wizardry. For me, I like mythology better, that’s why I didn’t have a hard time liking PJ. Don’t get me wrong, I like HP, too. I believe both series are great and uniquely written by talented authors.

So if you're looking for a refreshing action-packed, entertaining, and witty series that delves into the world of Greek mythology, then meet Percy Jackson for he brings with him everything you're looking for! Even though you’re not a mythology fan, you can connect with this precious series, and you will be forced to be a mythology fan. But don’t worry other mythology stories and names will be explained in the books too. That’s all!

Rating: 4.5/5 Tridents