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Thread: Blogging is too hard

  1. Blogging is too hard

    It's been a while since I posted any real posts on my blog and I've been writing a relatively long post for a few days now, every time only being able to move forward a bit. It's taking a whole lot of time to write and I'm not even sure enough people read it to make it somehow worthwhile.. Jeez blogging is hard work

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    I would not put any length limit on myself. A post can be 2 sentences or two pages. What matters if it makes an impact. Also, you can easily kill the lack of content with pictures. Sure, the more words, the better you will do with the search engines, but you can always add a few quotes from others. Just make it quotes people are likely to be interested in.
    Once you get visitors to come back, you will be able to capture a loyal audience and in time as content builds up and IBLs age like fine wine, you can control a nice resource and add information as needed.

    But you can always hire someone to come up with something and even if people will not find it interesting as something you may write in a moment of passion, the search engines will eat it up, and if you brand your blog well, it will still be able to serve it's purpose. Always ask yourself about your end goal with the blog and then go from there.
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  3. Yeah thats what I used to do, copy small post with pictures, but every once in a while I feel like writing a real big and useful post.. I'd love to pay someone to do it, but it's gonna be hard to find a blogger/writer who understands domaining and seo to write good posts.

  4. I have a very difficult time motivating myself to write on my blogs. For me, the main issue is the lack of interactivity. Here on NetBuilders, I've had no problems posting. But on my blogs, it just "feels" like I'm talking to a wall.

    Another aspect of that is that on forums there are always messages to reply to. On a blog, you start with an empty data entry field and you have to come up with something brilliant.

    Plus... I think there is less performance pressure in a forum than on a blog. On my blogs, I often feel like every post must me a real winner. On forums I feel like I can relax more. I don't feel too bad when some of my forum posts are just sarcastic one-liners. I can't imagine doing that on a blog.
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  5. Will, exactly my thoughts!
    My blog helps promote the biz and sales though, so it's quite an important tool.. if I find a way to update it more frequently

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    I use wordpress as my major CMS platform, though I don't do what people call "blogging", I just use WP to create article/rich content sites.

    After all, what the heck is blogging?

    Show us what you eat?
    Show us how many shirts you get each week?

    I'd better waste my time drinking beers then.

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    It's really like having a talk show vs. a documentary. We all like talk shows, people interact. It's easier to respond. Or maybe like watching the O'Reilly factor vs. reading a book.
    Some people are more comfortable reading a blog without being put on the spot to reply to something being asked about their articles.
    It's really a personality thing.
    A well running forum IMO does beat a blog as long as the content is being moderated and valuable members are posting vs. people just trying to get attention.

    I personally blog when inspired by something new.
    You can sometimes reheat old topics on forums and have it interesting due to new input, but on blogs the number 1 thing I think is that what you write is about something which has not yet been written about (by too many people at least).
    I am also a writer for Serpholic Media. You can find some of my articles here: Serpholic Media Blog

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    Now if only I could stop typing BBCODE into Wordpress...

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    Ha ha ha that's a good one...

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom View Post
    Now if only I could stop typing BBCODE into Wordpress...
    As for my self I use WordPress to share my glype themes, it gets indexed pretty fast I think less than 3 days since it launched, and since then I get consistent visitors from Search engine (google in this case).

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    I got burned out and took a break. Now I have been posting daily on odd things I enjoy. I have been posting right steady the past two weeks and it was due to a friend emailing me daily and fussing.

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