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    Blue Rabbit Gaming

    How we began

    Blue Rabbit Gaming is a new gaming forum that originally began as a clan Graphic Force, and we are set to open on June 18th! We grew and grew and looked at expanding to other forums. Once we looked into that, we realized how hard that would be, so we expanded to a whole entire forum.

    What we are

    We are gaming forum, and we discuss every type of gaming from Sony, Microsoft, Nintento, to PC. We are here to have fun, and better our gaming experiences. We have several different aspects to the forum as well. We have the general gaming areas for each console, a gaming news section with our weekly BRG news, a cheat/guide/and walkthrough section, a review section, a general section, a section where you can hook up game matches with other gamers, and much more.

    We hope you stop by, register, and post a bit.


    -The BRG Team

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    Well, thanks to this forum, we got ourselves a new domain! Check it out @

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    We are now open! Check us out @ We still have a few minor things left, but the forum is ready for new people!

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    We have had a really slow start, but we arent giving up! We are increasing advertising, and have some new ideas up our sleeves! Check us out

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    Were continuing on at a slow rate but thats ok We will be adding some light themes, and eventually adding a weekly or monthly competition. I cant announce everything here, but find everything at BRG -

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    Two new white themes have already been installed, now we are just waiting on the banners. If you are good at designing logos contact us @ Also, were working on a new website for the forum, and were also working on some new ideas including introducing a clan to the forum. Thanks for reading!


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    Hey everyone, its Nick here, and it is time for the second rant containing some updates! We will be keeping these same categories every update article, and we will not set a time frame for release. Just expect one every so often!


    Since our last update, we have increased our statistics some. We have gained around 5 new members, and hit another few hundred posts. However, we do not plan to stop here. We are increasing our advertisement plans, and plan on increasing our daily post count with some new discussions! Here is our current set of statistics. Lets see how much it increases between now and the next update!

    Total Forum Posts: 1,650

    Total Members: 24 (The newest member is Phenom)

    25 minutes ago, a record 8 users were online.


    Well, the biggest part of this article this time, was the updates! Im very pleased to announce that we now have to light themes in the theme selector! Hopefully, we chose something you like. The two themes are Ravius 2.0 and Think Blue. They are both amazing themes. Next, is our newest staff member. He is a good friend of mine, that has helped us a lot in the last few hours! He deserves this position, so lets welcome Phenom to the BRG staff team! Also, in this line of updates, come the opening of the game matches section. We do not expect this to be an active area, but it is here in case anyone wants to set up a match with a friend. Now, lets turn to the last minor update of this article, and that is we added the AIO! We now have a token system, a reputation system, a bank system, and possible more things to come thank to the AIO. Some future updates might be because of this addition. Now, onto the big change!

    We have done some re-arranging! We felt like having sub forums for each console was a bit too much! So we merged all console sub forums into the main hub of each developer. So now there is just a Sony Playstation section, a Microsoft Xbox section, and a Nintendo section. There is still one sub forum and that is the retro section under Nintendo. Lastly, to a avoid confusion, we made a new forum called "Handheld Gaming". There are two sub forums, Playstation and Nintendo handhelds.


    The community if anything has gotten better. We got one or two more loyal members to add to the growing community, and if we keep on, we are sure that many more will come. Im pleased to say, that there have still been 0 disputes, and everyone is still warmly welcoming one another! The community is doing great!

    Whats to come?

    The staff have been busy thinking about new ideas. There is one problem stopping us from implementing most of these ideas. That is our community is not big, and stable enough to handle weekly and monthly competitions yet. So once we get a bigger active base, we have several contests like Game of the Week, Gamer of the Month, and many more! Dont worry, we will also find other things to update before the next

    article! If you have any suggestions, please PM [me] or post them in the "What would you like to see?" topic in the feedback forum!

    Well that wraps up this weeks update/rant. Hope you enjoyed reading this, and seeya around the forum!

    Nick + The BRG Team

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