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Thread: Broken Bones

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    How many of you have broken a bone or two...or three XD

    I'm one of the lucky ones. Scars and bruises, sprains and much more...never a broken bone.

    I've seen my brother go through that...twice. That's about 5 broken bones or so I don't remember clearly. But it looks painful ._.;

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    Never had a broken bone myself

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    I have had more broken bones you lot have had hot dinners, in one motorbike crash alon I broke 11 bones.

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    I broke two fingers. Both were minor and I was all good within a month's time (though one's still crooked to this day).

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    none! suprisingly given how many times ive been in hospital with a injury

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    Considering the number of car wrecks........none broken......have developed arthritis in my knees....

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    toes a few times right hand has index finger permenatly out of place due to broken knuckle also had a few really nasty injures that were not breakages but crazy bad and I was left with a nice big scar on my wrist and palm of my hand due to 40+ stitches.

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    I have minor injuries in my foot.

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    Never had a broken bone.

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    I have never broken a bone in my life.

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