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Thread: Which Browser?

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    Ah Ubuntu...

    Anyway, I used Opera from 2006-2008 then moved onto Chrome from when it was released to about 3 weeks ago

    Now im using Firefox, and besides the ridiculously slow startup time, it is a good browser, and until Chrome improves a little bit more, I will be using Firefox. Chrome was a great browser and just needs a bit more development

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    Using Firefox for years on my PIV laptop. I will have a look at chrome and opera to see if they perform better.

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    I'm using Firefox all the time, won't use IE anymore and won't use Opera anymore. Chrome is one I've tested 10 seconds and than I uninstalled it...

    But Firefox 2 is the best for me (I don't like 3 though)
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Only firefox.

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    Just thought of a pretty interesting test that I'll have to do some time. Quickest uninstallation time. Longest will presumably go to Internet Explorer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles View Post
    Longest will presumably go to Internet Explorer.
    You get that installed from scratch...
    I wonder if it's legal to distribute such viruses!

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    Firefox 2 for me, I can't stand FF3. Occasionally IE6 for checking CSS layout compatibility.

    I also have Flock installed, but hardly use it, I'm just stuck with FF2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post
    You get that installed from scratch...
    You used to be able to remove it in XP, but (annoyingly) that wonderful feature was removed with Vista's release. It is, however... Still removable (it'd just take longer).

    Check this out: vLite - Windows Vista configuration tool

  9. Firefox all the way.

    Its not easy to find webmasters who use IE as their primary browser. Am sure that most of them do use IE to test their sites (atleast the layout n errors).

  10. firefox, but after I switched to FF3 it's become noticeably slower.

    I do like all the new features though!

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