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Thread: Careers?

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    Have you ever thought out your career?

    Being a senior I have thought about it all through High School. I work at Arbys as the Shift Manager currently and I think I would like a career in Law Enforcement.

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    Re: Careers?

    I like to do something in IT, and obviously something I would enjoy.

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    Re: Careers?

    It's too early for me to choose yet but maybe something involved with sports will be fine with me.

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    Re: Careers?

    I have almost completed my college , another 4-5 months . And then I am going to join an IT firm in which I got recruited in campussing in my college . But personally , I would be trying for the Indian Air Force , since it has always been my passion .

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    Re: Careers?

    I think i would like to be a doctor.

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    Re: Careers?

    [quote name="lorcan"]I think i would like to be a doctor.[/quote]

    That would be great . :tup: My mom's a doctor .

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