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Thread: Cats or Dogs?

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    Well I like both but I like dogs more because as someone here said cats are in their own universe also dogs are really cute and interactive that's why I like dogs.

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    I love dogs, but I don't have anything against cats. I had a dog, but not anymore... Sad thing, but I think I'm ready for another one

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    I like them both. :P Dogs need more care, and I am lazy, so I will go for cats.

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    I like dog because dog is best people friends

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    Dogs, dogs dogs! Bad cat experiences with a demon cat when I was younger and I'm also allergic to them. Dogs actually like their owners, and you can do things with them. Cats just scratch you and only like the person who fed them that day.
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    Main thing cause i dont like dogs is, they dont have they own personality like cats did. You can not give food/drink to dog, you can beat it, you can do i dont know what and they will always come back to you. Like puppet on the string.

  7. Cat are great you don't even have to look after them like stupid dogs (gf), just pop them out side in the garden, till you come back from work or whatever you are doing, no ripped up living room, or dog poop, did i tell you cats are great.

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    my choice is dog

    i love puppies coz they will be more attractive to us and we can play with them for long time..
    they are good company for us

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