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Thread: Cell Phone

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    I own the Samsung Rogue. Love the phone

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    I first had my sister's old razr from US Cellular. But now I have the Motorola Hint:

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    I have a Nokia E71.

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    I have a Samsung A870 (I think thats whats it called). It does wonders, has BT, and just what I need. No text messaging, but it has it on there, yet I removed it from my plan.

    Its been thrown on the ground, dropped so many times, wet (not fully wet, but some of it got into the phone), its had alot done to it, and works 100% perfectly.

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    Oh those phones are pretty nice, I wouldn't mind that over mine!

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    I own the iPhone.

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    No cell for me. I prefer face to face communications.

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    I have an LG GC900f touch phone. It's very good.

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    Motorolla V220.

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    Sony Ericsson K800i. It's basically my alarm clock, nothing else.

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