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Thread: Cell Phone

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    I've had:

    Nokia 2680Slide

    LG GC900f

    Windows Mobile Samsung i200

    Samsung Original (39$ piece of crap, lol!)

    I have:

    LG KE970 Shine

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    I own Corby pro

    It's damn good man

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    I also have an iPhone.

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    We don't call them cell phones they're mobile phones and mine is a Soni Ericsson W850i

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    sony ericsson z610i - old phone still works fine with me

    htc tattoo - my smartphone happened to be lock in here...btw, don't get the tattoo, cause it's the suck-est phone in htc. low on resolutions makes you could use most of the application, low on memory, slows down your phone a lot....i really regretted i got this phone......

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    I have the Samsung Exclaim with Sprint, but Im hopefully going to get an iPhone I love it because it has a big screen with a slide up numeric pad, and a slide sideways keyboard

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    I have Samsung star, motorokr and Nokia 5300 and I love my Samsung star.

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    I have a Sony Ericsson G502, bit old now though. Had it about 16 months, I should hopefully get a new one in 2 months time.

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    [quote name='Daniel' date='01 March 2010 - 09:50 PM' timestamp='1267480220' post='10120']

    This one is mine


    Heyy me too

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    haha, all are cool!

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