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Thread: Celtic have made one of the Biggest upsets in Scottish Cup history

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    Many people from around the world may have heard of the Scottish Team Glasgow Celtic. The only Scottish side to win the Champions League (Back in 1967). Unfortunatly, today they were beaten by 1st Division side Ross County. Funnily enough a couple of weeks ago Celtic also lost to team in their 2nd year in the SPL called St Mirren 4-0.

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    Saw the second goal, awesome result, Celtic are shit at the moment though.

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    [quote name='Sbfc' date='10 April 2010 - 05:05 PM' timestamp='1270919104' post='13217']

    Saw the second goal, awesome result, Celtic are shit at the moment though.


    I personally think Celtic is an overall shit team. Mind you there have been other disappointing Scottish Cup matches involving Celtic like in the 1999/2000 Scottish Cup, they lost to Inverness 3-1

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    Tony Mowbrey has completly ruined everything that Celtic had how can you expect to win when you sell 75% of you team and replace them with half the class.

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