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Thread: CF Toppers(Ranking all sites) Beautiful new LOOK!

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    Forum Name: CF Toppers

    Forum URL:

    Forum Description: From the creators of CF, comes ... CF Toppers yet an other way to promote your site. Isn't yet fully working as we intented it to be, but we will get there with your help!

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    Good luck with your topsite.

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    Thanks alot sbfc, are you planning on joining ?

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    Hello guy's,

    We are keeping improving from day to day, we aren't a muslim topsite if some of you think that, just some muslim sites joined thats all. We beaten teh record once again 6,675 in total PV's yesterday!

    regards and thanks everyone for there support ^^

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    Good luck with your top site.

    I might submit my site later.

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    TheTechZone, that would be awesome! To everyone else:

    Hello everyone, I never thought this would be possible, but it looks like it we are rising fast, all thanks to those we watch us and join.

    We got over 41 000 PV's today, that must be a postive thing for just being a month old!

    Keep support and help us make CF Toppers more effecitve as I know we are far from that one.

    Regards and thanks for your support.

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    CF Toppers has been cleaned, sorry for it taking so long but everyone can join today if they want of course

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    Hello everyone, CF Toppers is back on its feet, after the spam site have been deleted, we lost also alot of FAKE pageviews, but do no worry, we are going to improve, and hope you guy's still support us and add your site today to make CF Toppers grow thus also your site.


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    Hello members of CF Toppers, (

    we found CF Toppers could use a new fresh look, and we think this style is a very beautiful one.

    We hope it makes things more easy and that the navigation has improved. Thats it for now,please leave your feedback if you like the style or not via this link: Feedback will help us to see what you guy's think we should or can do, to improve CF Toppers.

    Have a good day,


    CF Staff

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    Hello guy's once again,

    we had some spam yesterday so we now have changed something in settings that we approve the site before it gets listed. This is not ot let you get confronted with the spam.

    Also on the second of June we have made a record of 774 pageviews! All thanks to you guy's. Keep it up.

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