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Thread: change about the world?

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    What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world? A refreshingly unique and fun community. Everyone is welcome!

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    Very good question... I'd probably remove poverty and suffering.

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    there is so much that could be done I cant chose one so I am picking three

    I'd remove religion

    I'd remove poverty and suffering

    and I'd cure aids and cancer

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    - I would remove poverty & major diseases.

    Of course this is going to happen because it would take a great effect on our health care system which in return, could crash the economy. Poverty, or economy, your choice..

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    I would remove "hate".....

    Without hate we would have no wars and all that money spent could solve the other problems....

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    I'd remove suffering and horrible diseases such as Alzhimers

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    I'd love to see organic food get subsidized rather than corn. This way, we can see the price of organics go down rather than corn. Corn is the source where a lot of our junk food comes from. It's also made into other chemicals and HFCS, which are all not good for us.

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    Given the power I would like to remove



    And most importantly, WAR.

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