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Thread: Chatting Time

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    Status Updates (Ongoing)

    Total posts 1364 Total topics 148 Total members 36 Our newest member House

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    Chatting Time Was Cracked this weekend. Now back to normal

    Hey everyone, If you got a disability message from me saying that we were supposedly closing Chatting Time because I quote, "DIdn't have time". I'm pleased to say that that will not be happening anytime soon. We are back up and thankfully no posts were lost! So come on back and join us!

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    Re: Chatting Time

    Wow, it's been a long time since I've been here, and I am proud to say that it's been 4 and a half months, and Chatting Time is still going strong. Our status updates are as follows:

    Total posts 3430 Total topics 342 Total members 65 Our newest member Ashley.G.

    Okay, in case you're wondering, no one else is posing as me, this is actually my backup account in case something happens to my original one. I'll have something to fall back on.

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    Re: Chatting Time

    Wow nice achievements!

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    Re: Chatting Time

    [quote name="Donal"]Wow nice achievements![/quote]

    Thanks Donal!

    This just in! We would like to honor our most active posters! Between now and December 31, 2010, if you remain an active poster during that time period, we will honor you with VIP Statuses for the year 2011! We have a seriously laid-back forum designated for VIPs, and this is the best way that we would like to say thank you for sticking with us here at Chatting Time! You may either start new topics, or you may bump up current topics if you wish! Either way will help bring activity to the forum, and this is how you can do your fair share in helping us here at Chatting Time out! The most active posters will be announced on December 31! So get your thinking caps on and start posting! Think of this like a contest, if you will Good luck everyone and have fun!

    1. Posts must be of decent quality... No Spam

    2. No one worded posts are allowed. Unless it's in the Forum Games

    3. You may add to the fun by referring your friends to Chatting Time as well! The more the merrier!

    Our goal will be to have 9000 posts by 12/31/10. If we reach that goal before then. Winners will be announced early!

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    Re: Chatting Time

    Status Updates: #

    otal posts 4173


    Total topics 391


    Total members 72


    Our newest member Nelliel

    Also, our contest is still going on, so please feel free to register and post! We have gotten a new theme, a new domain, and we have 2 links that we can be reached at: which is our secondary link. Come on down to a friendly general chat community where you are free to speak your mind and have a good time. All are welcome to join and participate in discussions.

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    Re: Chatting Time

    Status Updates: #

    Total posts 4266


    Total topics 403


    Total members 73


    Our newest member Donal

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