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Thread: Childhood Dream...

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    Childhood Dream...

    Everybody have dream in childhood....

    Let's share here our dream...

    I want to be a policeman in my child life,

    What about you guys?

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    It was to earn particular amount


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    My child hood dream was to buy a nice car for my father with my earnings.

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    Tirth dream and My childhood dream are same

    I too thought to become a IPS officer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arunkumar View Post
    Tirth dream and My childhood dream are same

    I too thought to become a IPS officer!
    but arun Childhood means less then 5 years old, and are you think the mean of IPS Office on that age

    BTW i was want to become a farmer. becaz i was not like to go school hehehe
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    To become a doctor. I am working on it...

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    My childhood dream was to become a doctor..

    But now i am an Engineer....

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    I wanted to be a teacher

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